ALISHA GLASS CHILDRESS WAS AMAZING! She led our coaches and players seamlessly through seven different sessions.  Her energy was high the entire time and her ideas were fresh.  From start to finish she was engaging and dynamic.  For most the main draw may have been to her speak on setting but her session on passing and defense was also a huge success and hearing her speak philosophy and communication was astounding.  Thank you so much Alisha what an amazing weekend!

Coach Rob Beam worked closely with many athletes teaching the players and coaches the importance of blocking and the different strategic systems that can be used in blocking schemes.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach Charles Middleton did a great job teaching our coaches some of the areas where injuries can be prevented by proper strength and conditioning techniques.  His knowledge was very well received and delivered.

Derek Malone spoke to an overflowed classroom while getting overwhelming reviews from those who went to his session where he helped coaches better understand how to help players and coaches find their strengths and build on them.

Coach Amber Warners spoke with Alisha Glass Childress about the importance of communication in a team environment.  Dr. Amber Warner is currently in her 17 year as the head coach of Calvin volleyball program.  Coach Warner had all the coach’s complete attention when she spoke of how she develops relationships with all her players and keeps communication at the center of her team.

Coach Tia Brandel worked with our young athletes while giving coaches ideas about how to affectively defend without a big block.  Coach Brandel always has fresh ideas and we appreciate her time and input!

Theresa Beeckman spoke with both Alisha Glass Childress and did a session on her own and both sessions were a huge success once again.  Our coaches always enjoy hearing from Theresa who always has her thumb on the pulse on what is new and exciting.  This year she spoke on team culture and how to help keep a team healthy and cohesive as well as helping coaches better understand how to connect with this generation.  Thanks again Theresa!

Coach Doug Sikora worked with our middle school athletes and spoke to coaches about how to prepare and get the most out of the time you have during your short middle school season.  Coach Sikora put the girls through many drills and gave the coaches many different drill ideas to take home with them.

Coach Becky Schmidt once again we were lucky to have Coach Schmidt step up and help us out at our clinic by speaking at two different sessions. She led both Practice planning and statistics and Analytics.  Both sessions were engaging and informational.  Thanks so much Coach for all your time and knowledge we appreciate you!!

Coach Bre Johnson works with athletes of all age teaching kiddos as young as 3 about the game of volleyball.  Her approach at volleytots and her drills is remarkable.  She has so many ideas and gave coaches so many great ideas to start their own youth programs.

Coach Mike Gawlik came down from Central Michigan University to lead our players and coaches through some Serve Receive Drills.  He spent time really breaking down the ins and outs of different serve receive patterns and choices made in serve receive giving coaches some different insight into serve patterns.

Mike Johnson put our athletes through a very high energy strength and conditioning workout session.  He was teaching coaches the importance of training athletes while also teaching them how to properly train them and get them most out them at every age.