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 Hello Coaches,

It was so nice seeing so many of you at the MIVCA Annual Clinic. We listened to our membership and we think we delivered. What a great clinic! Mike Ligenfelter brought his passion for the game and many team drills to all his sessions on Saturday. Mike was engaging and motivating throughout the day and left us wanting more. On Friday, through our technology stream, Sharon Clark started us with the Black Room session and then took her show on the road by giving us hands-on use of the technology with the All Star Classic practice and matches. Our many other clinicians; Rob Beam, Mark Rosen, Tia Brandel, Mike Gawlik, Drew Coker, Will Stanton, Dave Kwan, were outstanding and gave us what we needed both on the court and in the classroom. Because of the diversity and expertise of our Coach’s Panel, this will be something we will continue in the future.  Congratulations to all of our Hall of Famers and Coach of the Year recipients. A warm welcome goes out to our new board members – Heather Sawyer and Michelle Brines. Enjoy the upcoming season and inspire our young people to become their best.

Angie Del Morone, MIVCA President

From the Coaches:

“Learned more at this clinic then the last three years.”

                “It was great having Sharon right there showing me what to do during the practice session.”           

               “I am so glad my rival coaches missed all the good stuff.”

“Bring Mike back!”                                                      

“Loved it at the Lakeview High School venue.”

A Few Reminders:

Apply for the Academic All State Team Award NOW and beat the deadline.

Remember MIVCA school membership is up to 10 people for only $50.00.

AVCA membership is open and at a reduced rate for MIVCA members. ($60.00 HS / $45.00 MS)

Mentor Initiative form is on our webpage. Consider becoming a MIVCA mentor or mentee.                      

We are compiling the Potential All State list now please contact Angie Del Morone.

  MIVCA Rankings Committee is looking for a few coaches to join our team. We are especially looking for coaches in Class C and D. If your interested contact Chairmen Kirk Bagg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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